Caviar Candles Set 3 (4 Candles)


4 Candle Set includes:

1) 24 lb. of granules (fill up the vase 2/3 + 15 lb. complimentary refills)

2) Clear Glass Cylinder Vase 5″D x 6″H

2) Clear Glass Cylinder Vase 5″D x 6″H

4) Clear Glass Cylinder Vase 5″D x 10″H

3) Clear Glass Cylinder Vase 5″D x 14″H

5) 238 wicks

5) Lighter

6) Instructions


  • up to 595 hours of candle burn time
  • 37 days / daily burn 4 hours

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  • Reusable – new candle every time
  • 100% plant based
  • Petroleum free
  • Hypo allergenic
How long would refills last?

Complimentary refills will last you up to 20 days with 4 hours of burn time daily.

How Caviar Candles are different from regular paraffin wax candles?
  • Caviar Candles offer completely different way to enjoy your candlelight:granules give you the creative freedom to build your candle with unlimited design and size choices. Just change the vase – new candle is ready!
  • Caviar Candles provide clean burn without residue. No dripping wax like regular candles – keep your furniture and linens clean.
  • Our unique candlelight technology will self-extinguish on tipping.
  • Wow your guests with amazing ambiance and unlimited design choice of Caviar Candles stunning candlelight.
  • No purchase necessary – rent our candles for the weekend or a full season.


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